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ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL offers you technical (electrical, electronic, mechanical) and commercial translation of your documentation :

From To
French English
English French

as well as their revision and a possible terminological research related to your field of expertise.

ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL is bringing a valued contribution due to a high technical background, a wide practical experience in various disciplines, a great creativity, an active participation on various Standards Technical Committees (including the Canadian Electrical Code), excellent oral and written communication skills, an attention to details and the pride in accomplishing its mission.

For example, everyone has at least once in their life, noticed how installation or maintenance instructions supplied with products (gas BBQ, cars, computers, telephones, etc.), are inadequately translated from French to English. Often the terms do not reflect the original intent of the design or the original language. Furthermore, important information is missing.

ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL linguistic services provide this practical approach, which may sometimes lead to suggestions to improve your original instructions. Such suggestions could be provided by the CONSULTING SERVICES Section during the course of a project. This special contribution would increase the quality of your products and enhance your company image.