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ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL offers you Professional Consulting Services in Design, Standards Development, Certification and Testing of electrical and mechanical products, according to North American and European Standards, based on years of diversified and specialized experience of its qualified personnel.


Exemple 1 : How to submit products to be Certified?

You want to know what steps are required to prepare the submission of your products to obtain a Certification, to minimize time, to optimize the quantity of samples required for their evaluation and testing stage, to streamline your products line in the process and rationalize their listings in the worldwide network of certified products, issued by these Certification Organizations?

SOLUTION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can help you in this important and essential step in the marketing of your products. A dedicated Seminar is available to guide you in this process.

Exemple 2:

How to properly maintain a Certification file (Mission Impossible?)

You want to maintain your Certification file in an orderly manner and become more efficient, but you do not know how to master all its related paperwork! In fact, you do not know what to keep and what to throw away, so to date, you have kept every single document, even the duplicated ones, just in case! Does it sound familiar?

SOLUTION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can assist you in properly managing a Certification file and can help you organize and implement a proper system to assure its maintenance, the easy way.

Exemple 3:

Some non-conforming products of your competition, bear a Certification Mark same as yours?

You suspect, or you are aware, that some of a competitor’s products, similar to yours, do not meet the construction or performance requirements but bear the same Certification Mark as yours, and you are unsure what to do about it?

SOLUTION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can inform you on how to deal with this type of situation and guide you on how to file a complaint to the proper authorities.

Exemple 4:

Is there a Standard for the Certification of your product(s)?

You want to know if a Standard exists for the Certification of your product(s) and if none exists what will happen? Does your product(s) need to be Certified?

SOLUTION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can help you by making this assessment. It may also be found that your product(s) is (are) innovative enough that even if a Standard exists, it may not be appropriate, complete or specific enough, which may lead to the issue of a new Standard or new requirements to be added to an existing Standard. We can also help you in this process.

Exemple 5: Modify an already Certified Product?

You want to modify one of your already Certified products, to adapt it to a new application, but you want to know its impact on the actual Certification?

SOLUTION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can help you in making this assessment and can suggest a few solutions to minimize its impact (if any) in the Certification Process.