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Based on its wide related experience in the Certification and Testing Process according to major Standards (CSA, UL, ANSI, etc.), ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL can assist you in the preparation and the management of a Certification File and consequently streamline a Certification Process, by :

  • making an analysis of your products vs related Standards requirements, which may include an interpretation of these requirements, depending on the type of product or its application;
  • producing drafts of Certificates of Compliance in English and French;
  • producing drafts of Certification reports and their related documentation (Attachments, Pictures, etc.);
  • producing drafts of Certification Records or Listings;
  • making a compilation of test results;
  • producing drafts of Replies to Findings Letters, including details in MARKING requirements (in French and English), etc.

If you prefer, you can delegate your role in the undertaking of the Certification Process, entirely to us, by simply completing an ‘Application for an Agent’ form, available from your respective Certification Organizations, and then by communicating with us.

NEW INFORMATION : ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL, based on its wide related experience, makes the Certification of outdoor playspaces and their play equipment, in child-care facilities and in 'Centres de la petite enfance' (CPE) in the Province of Québec, for children 18 months to 5 years of age, according to the requirements of the CAN/CSA-Z614-03 Standard.

This mandatory Certification Programme, in which ALPHA-OMÉGA INTERNATIONAL plays an important role, was established by the Québec Government's "Ministère de l'Emploi, de la Solidarité Sociale et de la Famille (MESSF).

For more information on how to obtain such a Certification, please contact us.